• UMR Herbivores, INRAE, Saine-Genes-Champanelle, France
  • Animal behaviour , Animal cognition, Animal welfare, Precision livestock farming
  • recommender, manager

I am a research director from INRAE, the French national institute for research in agriculture, nutrition and environment. After myveterinary studies, Istarted to work at INRA (from 1983) with a focus on animal behaviour and welfare. I study the different facets of the behaviour of cattle and sheep following the idea that behaviour tells us about how animals see the world around them, how they form social bonds, how they learn, and what they feel. I worked on social behaviours, maternal behaviours, human-animal relationship, learning and emotional abilities, and the assessment of animal welfare. All mywork aims at reconciling animal production and animal welfare. Currently my research is focused on behavioural changes as early signs of welfare disorders, these changes being likely to be detected thanks to Precision Livestock Farming tools.

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