• Dept. of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
  • Animal genetics
  • recommender, manager

In 1999 I submitted my MSc thesis on ileal digestibility of starch in fistulated dairy cattle at Norwegian University of Life Sciences and continued to work as a research assistant until 2001. Then I moved to Denmark, starting on a PhD. I defended my thesis on electrical conductivity of milk as an indicator of mastitis in 2004 at Copenhagen University. From 2001 to 2017 I was working in the animal breeding and genetics group at research center Foulum, now a part of Aarhus University, as a researcher and later a senior researcher. From 2011 until 2014 I was responsible for the PhD education at the Faculty. Since 2017 I have been heading the Dept. of Animal and Aquacultural sciences at Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I have been working on most species; cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses and fish.

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