• Department of Agricultural and Food Science, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • Gut function, Gut microbiology, Pig nutrition
  • recommender, manager

Since 2014 Paolo TREVISI is Associate Professor in Animal Science at the Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DISTAL) of Bologna University, Unit of Animal Husbandry. The research of Prof. PAOLO TREVISI is focused to study the issues related to feeding and management strategies in pig. His research has the main objective to improve the physiological maturation of suckling and post-weaning pigs to reduce the dependency of the pig production from the antibiotic use. Currently, his research is finalized to study: (i) the mechanisms involved in the maturation of the gut during suckling and weaning in pig; (ii) the mechanisms involved in the intestinal mucosal healing following a stressful event (e.g. weaning, fasting), or a bacterial infection; (iii) the revision of nutrient requirements through the study of their physiological functions during the weaning period (with particular attention to the amino acids); (iv) new dietary strategies to reduce psychophysical stress occurring during the weaning (functional feed); (v) study of nutraceuticals to improve the gut health and prevent dysbiosis in piglets; (vi) defining alternatives to the in feed antibiotics; (vii) the interplay host-microbiota on growth performance and health of the young animal.

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