• MoSAR - Systemic modeling applied to ruminants, INRA, Paris, France
  • Animal nutrition modelling, Biotechnology, Emissions , Gut function, Mathematical modelling, Microbial fermentation, Open science, Rumen microbiology, Rumen microbiome , Small ruminants
  • recommender, manager, administrator

I am a mathematical modeller of biological systems. I am from Colombia. I have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and a MSc automatic control degree from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I did my PhD in applied mathematics at Inra (FR) on modelling fermentation by human gut microbiota. Further, I participated in various research projects in the domains of biotechnology, agriculture and life sciences at Inra, Wageningen University (NL) and Inria (FR). My research motivation is to develop a quantitative understanding of complex biological processes using modelling to combine and structure knowledge across disciplines. In 2014, I was appointed as researcher at the MoSAR team (Inra). My current research project aims to enhance understanding of the dynamic interplay between the diet, the rumen microbiota and the ruminant animal via and interdisciplinary approach covering microbiology, chemistry, thermodynamics, animal science and mathematical modelling.

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