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Ensuring ethical animal welfare research: Are more ethics review committees the solution?use asterix (*) to get italics
Birte L. Nielsen, Huw D.R. Golledge, Jen-Yun Chou, Irene Camerlink, Péter Pongrácz, Maria Camila Ceballos, Alexandra L. Whittaker and I. Anna S. Olsson
<p>As the article is a short Opinion Paper, it has no abstract, but it aims to highlight the inherent challenges to ethics review of animal (welfare) science research, especially the differences between different countries and jurisdictions which can give rise to inequalities as articles are reviewed internationally. The article is meant as a debate starter, and we hope that some of the issues raised will inspire animal researchers, journals, and reviewers to improve the process, even though we do not have all the answers.</p>
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ethics review; animal welfare science; international research community
Animal behaviour , Animal welfare, Open science, Veterinary science
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2023-05-05 13:27:22
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